BTC Wallet Address location

Where to find my Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Address.

Step 1. PHP Dashboard

If you want to received money that will be converted directly to PHP. Your Dashboard should be in PHP like in the image below. Otherwise, choose any of them for Cryptocurrency. Hit "Recieved" if all set.


Step 2. Wallet Address

Hit "Show Block Chain Wallet Addres". For other options or rather if you want to received money from BTC or ETH. The process is the same, once you hit the "Recieved" button from Step 1, your Wallet Address will automatically shows up. The options that shows in the image below are only for PHP.


Step 3. Show Wallet Address


This will show your Wallet Address after you hit "Show my PHP Address". The amount that you recieved to this address will appear in your PHP balance.

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