Coins.PH Transfer money using BTC wallet

Transfer money through BTC wallet in Coins.PH

Step 1. PHP Dashboard

If you are sending in Philippine peso, make sure that you are at the right page. Your Dashboard should be in PHP. See image below. If you wish to send through Bitcoin currency ,you can do so by clicking the BTC on the right side of the PHP. Click "RECEIVED" button and it will direct you to the next page.


Step 2. Enter BTC Address

Click the button "Enter BTC Wallet Address" as shown in image below.


Enter BTC wallet address of your receiver and click "OK". Take note that it is always better to do "copy and paste" here rather than typing 1 by 1 all the numbers and letters of the wallet address of your receiver. In this case, we will avoid the error and the worst case is, money sent will receive by different receiver.

Just in case that you do not know where to find your BTC Wallet address. Click here.

Where to find my Block chain wallet in

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