How to request encashments in Daily Passive btc

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How to Request Encashments

Requesting of "Encashments" happens every Saturday from 12nn to Sunday 12nn, weeekly. Remember that this weekly encashments is for "Pass-up" and "AFB" bonus only. Captcha earnings encashments request, happens every maturity period of the account or after 30days after registration. You can pull-out your capital together with your earnings or you can renew your account and encash your earnings only. Steps below how to request for encashments.

Step 1.

In your Dashboard, kindly click "Encashment".

Step 2.

Choose either "AFB" or "PASS-UP".


Minimum encashment for this 2 options are €10. You can only request for encashment one at a time. If you want to request encashment of PASS-UP bonus this week, you can request AFB to the following week. If you don't have any AFB earnings, of course you can request for another PASS-UP bonus as long as it reaches it's minimum.

If you want to learn how to withdraw or to request encashments for your Captcha Earnings. Click here.

Step 3.

This step will not be available in any day. This will only be activated during Encashment period, meaning from Saturday 12nn to Sunday 12nn only.


No more other choices in this section other than XPAY. XPAY is the payment partner choose by Daily Passive where it can debit all your earnings. Remember, the E-mail address that you will input here is your E-mail address that has a verified XPAY account. The E-mail address will serve as your bank account and account number. Check the spelling and check it again. If you need to register XPAY? Click here. Looks good? Click "Encash" button. It will NOT redirect you to a new page, instead it will give you a voucher number and confirmation on the same page. Just like in the image below.


Check your email address, Daily Passive also send you the confirmation of successful Encashments and the voucher number.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Encashments request completed.

NOTE: Releasing of encashments happen every Friday and Saturday.

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How to request encashments in Daily Passive.

  1. Justin
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    What if I don’t have XPAY account? Any other options? How about Bank transfer?

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