How to Start in Daily Passive BTC

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How to start in Daily Passive BTC

Register in Daily Passive BTC today and start earning. It's 100% money back guarantee. Every month or every after 30days from the date of registration of your account, you have the option to pull-out your invested Capital together with your earnings.

To start, you need to buy activation code from the "Code Seller" or you can purchase your Activation Code here after you fill-up the form, we will create your account in Daily Passive.

After your registration in Daily Passive, you need to open an XPAY account until it gets verified. Daily Passive will debit all your earnings in your verified XPAY account only. Registration is Free, if you wish to learn how, click here.

Daily Passive BTC Activation Code

  • Requires Full name for registration
  • Please combined with numbers.
  • This will not be published. Will use only to register your account.
    Kindly send proof of payment at or use attached file section, if payment already made.

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