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10 years after the release of the first series title, Gearbox software and 2k games has released the 3rd installment of Borderlands. Named simply as Borderlands 3, the best selling 1st person shooter game promised to be bigger and louder than it’s predecessors. True enough, Borderlands 3 has so far delivered in its promise of mayhem in different aspects of the game to date.

While being labeled as Borderlands 3, it is in fact the 4th game in the series with the 3rd one being a “pre-sequel”, pertaining to its plot being located between Borderlands 1 and 2. There was also the spinoff title, Tales from the Borderlands, which was released at the same year as the pre-sequel, but was released by a different publisher with different gaming mechanics.

Like the previous games, Borderlands 3 has continued on its use of the “loot” system which is mostly used in RPGs and MMORPGs. This system randomly produces items with different traits and characteristics at any given time. The higher the player’s level, the higher the possibility of acquiring a rare and powerful equipment like guns, shields and grenade mods. This is one thing that contributes to the game’s longevity as the player can acquire different kinds of loot no matter how many times he restart. Also, the acquisition of one rare or legendary loot can oftentimes make or break one’s game.

Borderlands 3 has also retained its cooperative gameplay with up to 4 gamers playing together to finish the storyline, This time around, players can make use of another 4 new characters namely: the “Siren” named Amara, a “Gunner” named Moze, an “Operative” called Zane and a “Beastmaster” called FL4K. Each one has their own unique skills and abilities which players can use depending on their gaming preferences.

Unlike in previous ones, the game is not located on one planet only, Players will finally get to leave Pandora and travel to different planets each with their own unique environments. Once they reach s certain point, they will be able to board a spaceship which will then serve as their base of operations where they can store their equipment and purchase new ones while checking out new missions and quests. This makes the map size of previous games tiny as compared to that of Borderlands 3.

Players can get through the game in more or less 35 hours. That is if they just proceed straight to the main quests without any unnecessary exploration. Afterwards they can just replay the game at a much higher difficulty using their previously used characters.

The promise of mayhem is indeed real and fans would definitely not be sorry once they start Borderlands 3. Even if you’re not in it for the story then the promise of lots of “guns, guns, guns” is probably enough to get you started on this wild and chaotic adventure.

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