Time For Some Monster Hunting

Evolve is a hybrid assymetrical multiplayer video game that was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the same brains behind the best selling video game series Left 4 Dead. It was published by 2k games which is also known for the Borderlands and Bioshock series. It was released in 2015 in various gaming platforms.

In the game, players battle each other in a 4 vs 1 format across a fictional alien planet called Shear. They can join any of the two factions namely the Hunters and the Monsters. Each faction have their views with the Hunters and Monsters being controlled in a first-person and third-person perspective respectively. This different styles of gameplay makes the game attractive to different players with different play preferences.

Hunters come in four classes. There is the Assault with their strong firepower and considered the main damage givers; the Trapper with their entrapment skills designed to track down and capture prey; the Medic whose healing abilities can spell the difference between life and death; and, the Support who empowers and backs up the other classes. Each of these 4 classes compose a group and must collectively work together to accomplish different mission objectives.

The other side of the coin is made up of Monsters. Initially, there are 3 kinds with different skills and attributes. The Goliath is the strongest and most durable of the 3. The Kraken uses electricity and water based attacks to weaken its opponent while the Wraith can warp and teleport to get behind its enemy. There are two additional monsters, namely the Behemoth and the Gorgon, which are acquired as a downloadable content.

Evolve has six modes of play with different goals and win conditions. Gamers can choose between Hunt, Rescue, Nest, Defend, Arena and Observe. Hunters try to track and kill a monster before it gets stronger in Hunt. The Rescue mode has players searching for injured NPCs and escorting them to various evacuation points. In Nest, Hunters try to locate eggs that are scattered across the map which the Monster must protect. The Defend mode has the Hunters defending various power installations until time runs out. The Arena is a death match style mode that was added in a later patch. Lastly, the Observe mode enables a player to observe matches as its being played.

These modes are playable in Three options. Quickplay provides any random mode in a single map. Evacuation is a series of modes which comes in 5 matches. The outcome of a match can influence the succeeding ones providing positive buffs and additional aid to the winning side. This option always ends in Defend. The Custom option enables a player to choose the mode and location of play.

Evolve was considered to be a success on its pre and initial release and has won various gaming awards. However, controversy attached to its DLCs produced a lot of negative reactions from fans. Gamers love the unique gameplay and commented that it provided a good overall experience. However, the DLC controversy has far reaching effects and it led to Evolve being made into a free to play game in 2016. The game’s dedicated servers were then finally shut down in 2018 although it can still be played today as a legacy game using a peer to peer connection.

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