Marvel Super Wars

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Marvel Super Wars

NetEase Games and Marvel Entertainment unite and Launch the first-ever joint Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile. MARVEL SUPER WARS is now available for devices, IOS and Android. This exciting MOBA of Marvel Super Heroes are available in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, India and Malaysia. Marvel fans can download right away in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

In this game MARVEL SUPER WARS, players can take on their own favorite Super Heroes or Super Villains in the battlefield. This 5v5 MARVEL SUPER WARS games has no difference in terms of game control with the other 5v5 MOBA games like the popular "Mobile Legends", "Garena (AOV) Arena Of Valor", "ShellFire" and many other 5v5 games. However, NetEase makes the game more exciting by bringing Marvel Super Heroes as your character to control in the battlefield. Join the battle now with popular Marvel super heroes like Thor, Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and all other Super soldiers with Captain America and Spiderman, the people of Wakanda that is always ready for battle. Choose variety of heroes with different strengths and weaknesses, build up team with different specialty, either Tank, Support, Marksman, Energy or Assassin. You can choose the hero that best suits your gaming style.

Marvel Super Wars is Free-to-Play game, it's a war between your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. As you play all along, you’ll get to unlock new heroes and gain experience points in your specialization. Take part in the in-game events and stand a chance to gain exclusive rewards and even new items. Use Crystal Points earn and Coins to purchase new Hero or Skins to upgrade your favorite hero.

Game Features

1. Simple Control

Simple Controls

2. Team with Friends

Team up with Friends

3. Real Time 5v5 Arena

RealTime 5v5 Arena

4. All Favorite Marvel Super Heroes

All Marvel Super Heroes

5. Practice Hero Anytime

Practice anytime

Hero Profile

Cull Obsidian
CLoak and Dagger
Ebony Maw
Cull Obsidian

2 Responses

  1. Kaven
    | Reply

    Playing other MOBA games too but this time I find this game more interesting and fun. Every time there’s a clash and while using their skills, it’s bringing memories of their movies.

  2. Adhelia
    | Reply

    Nicely done. Like the game better than the other MOBA. Tank can be a killer here and has chance to get MVP. Problem is, there are not much player playing this game, waited too long when matching. But worth of waiting.. Captain America and Captain Marvel are the best!!!.. For a killer tank??? i love incredible hulk.

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