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One of the most critical but seldom-addressed nutritional deficiencies in our diet is the lack of the very building blocks of our bodies—proteins, peptides, and amino acids—in our diets. From healthy skin and joints to building muscle, we all depend on protein. According to recent studies, only 40 percent of adults receive enough protein from their foods, and the proteins they do get can often be difficult to digest and may not be in a healthy form. To maintain good health and facilitate healthy aging, it is critical that we supplement our diets with healthy, digestible proteins.
To help meet this growing need, Kyäni has developed two new products that help ensure we get the protein necessary to meet the physical challenges we face every day. (Soon to be available in the Philippines)

Kyäni HL5

Our body’s ability to produce collagen protein diminishes as we age. Designed specifically for people who want to feel good, look great, and maintain lean muscle, and high energy levels, the natural collagen and other ingredients in Kyäni’s HL5 provides the essential proteins, peptides, and amino acids needed to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

Hydrolyzed for maximum absorption, and available in a convenient single-serving pouch, daily use of HL5 can help you:
• Optimize Fat Metabolism
• Support Healthy Bones, Joints, Skin, & Hair
• Enjoy Long-Lasting Energy
• Build Lean Muscle
• Improve Strength & Flexibility

Kyäni FIT20

Because so many of us live an active, hard-working, Healthy Living lifestyle, we need something that will help us perform better and recover faster. Made from grass-fed whey protein isolate and natural hydrolyzed collagen, FIT20 delivers the nutrients athletes and active people require for long-lasting energy and nitric oxide production, faster workout recovery, and lean muscle building.

With daily use, FIT20 can help:
• Increase Strength & Flexibility
• Improve Workout Recovery
• Optimize Fat Metabolism
• Build Lean Muscle
• Support Bone & Joint Health
• Boost Long-term Nitric Oxide Production

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  3. Karine Perlstein
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  4. Serene Ng
    | Reply

    Can I take HL5 and HL 20 together and do I have to take after food or empty stomach.
    I need help that the kyani 2 products can help with my knees pain
    Thank you

    • Viz

      I don’t think that this products is now available in ASIA. I tried to enquire a month ago but said they don’t have specific date yet when this will be available in the market. In regards with your question, i believe you can drink both at the same time and should be better if you take this with food same as the other supplements. Suggesting to try their NitroFX and Kyani Sunrise in their Triangle of Health it should help to recover your body.

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