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How to earn passive income daily.

1. Ojooo


No initial payment is involve or shall we say no cash out. Yeap this is Free!!! However, you can earn money in really easy way by watching videos and advertisements daily that has lenght of 5 seconds only and get up to $0.04 per click. You can also earn money by watching Ojooo Videos, making simple tasks for you. You can use also Ojooo referral program and recommend it to your friends to watch ads and advertisements and get rewarded everytime your referrals are viewing ads everyday. You get credited for every click of your referral. Also you can get up to 20$ bonus, which will upgrade his account to Privilege or Premium account.

  • Free Registration
  • With minimum cash-out
  • Watch videos and advertisements (5sec/videos)
  • Optional invites/referrals
  • Pay-out anytime
How to join Ojooo. Click here...
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2. Bitrade


Bitrade is well recognized as honest, automatic, and authentic means to make money online. A new and easy way platform that made for all that choose to stay home for whatever reason but still they can help for their financial aspect. This is not a "Pyramiding scheme", this system doesn't work like that. Downline is not compulsory to make money, you don't need to invite or have a referrals for encashments. The system was designed to earn an income according to individual hardwork everyday, and that is by completing assigned number of Captcha based on the account that user registered.

Bitrade is now a thing, a globally accepted means of earning. It gives solution to time and efficiency, knowing no degree nor accomplishement, simply systematic work. System like no other and shares to everyone to take advantage and take charge of the financial fulfillment you’ve always wanted. Company that providing online typing jobs or simply an online captcha entry jobs to all countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, Africa, Philippines etc.

  • Flexible Registration
  • No minimum cash-out
  • Captcha encode daily
  • Optional invites/referrals
  • Weekly Encashments

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  1. Anthony
    | Reply

    Sign-up with Ojooo a week ago, so far so good. I have 3 affiliates now and all active. Easy $1! Nice start to making a dollar for free. One thing not to be deceived, minimum pay-out is $2 and not 100 clicks.. Nice post. Legit!

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