How to start with Ojooo

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How to Start Earning with Ojooo

Start earning while watching videos and advertisements everyday in your mobile phones or computer. Videos and advertisements lenght are only 5 seconds to earn your credit, but of course you have the liberty to view the entire ads. This applications is totally Free. You can envite your friends as your referrals and earned together. Invites or referrals are just an options to earned here in Ojooo. However, must remember that you are earning as well as your referrals are earning. Come! Let's start our passive income.

1. How to Start

In order to start earning in Ojooo, you must register first and verify your email address. Remember that this application is free, if you paid any amount to have an account, it only means one thing.

Click here to sign-up.

2. Where to watch ads and videos

Watching videos for few seconds and reading ads is your primary goal to start your income. In order to make it happen Click to paid ads button is what you are looking for. In computer or laptop, that button is pretty visible on top of the home page of the website. Just click it after signing up and start earning.


In mobile screen, you will see three(3) horizontal lines in the upper right of your screen. It will direct you the image that is shown below. Click Paid to click ads and start earning.


3. Request Cash-out funds

Cash out of funds has no timing in here as long as you reached the minimum cash out required amount by the system.

Ojooo Benefits:

Earn money in really easy way. Watch advertisements and get up to $0.04 per click. You can also earn money by watching Ojooo Videos, making simple tasks or offers with Personaly Offerwall.

Use referral program and recommend Ojooo Watching Ads to others and get rewarded for that. You get credited for every click of your referral. Also you can get up to 20$ bonus, which will upgrade his account to Privilege.

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