Emma Frost

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Emma Frost

Emma Frost

Born with mutant abilities, telepathy like professor Charles Xavier. Emma was a member of HellFire Club owns by Sebastian Shaw, that saves her from her distressing past. She is the most trusted member of Shaw, due to his mutant ability, she keeps the Club shielded from the CIA.

Emma transform into her Diamond Form and enhance his basic attack and dealt enormous Energy Damage to enemies. While she is in his Diamond Form she gains extra Energy Resistance and every basic attack Emma throw to the enemy hero, it make them stunned for few second. Emma releases her Telephatic Pulse to a direction she desired dealing Energy Damage to all enemies inside of it, she also gains vision to enemies that been hit by this skill. Charming enemy for few second while dealing Energy Damage is also one of her skills, when she makes a Psionic Shield in the specified area. Emma needs timing at all times, can deal enormous amount of damage from the beginning of the match until the end. Makes Emma as an Energy Assassin hero type.

Movie: Emma Frost
Identity: X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Passive: Enemy heroes damaged by Emma's basic attack and abilities will also tagged by Diamond Fire. Enemy heroes tagged 4 times will immediately suffer Energy Damage, plus an extra 50% movement speed slow in 1.5 seconds duration if Emma is currently in Psychic Form, while Emma gains 50% acceleration for the same duration. If Emma is in Diamond Form, enemies are also stunned for a second, while Emma gains a shield that absorbs Energy Attack from enemies. When stunning the same target within 5 seconds, the stun effect is reduced for few second.

Ability 1: Telepathic Pulse
Emma releases a telepathic pulse in the specified direction, dealing Enery Damage to any enemy heroes in its path. When hitting an enemy hero, Emma gain vision of them for 4 seconds. The pulse then returns to Emma's current location after a short while, dealing a further Energy Damage to enemies in the path of its return of trajectory.

Ability 2: Psionic Shield
Emma creates a psionic shield at the specified location, dealing Energy Damage to all enemies in its way and charming them for a second.

Ultimate: Diamond Form
Use this ability to empower Emma to charge straight up to her target for her next basic attack.
Active: Emma rushes in the specified direction and switches to her Physical defense and Energy resist by 30

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