Scarlet Witch

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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is her real name, join Hydra with his Twin brother when their country is in chaos. The two of them gain Super Power abilities after they agreed for experiment. Scarlet Witch gains telekinesis, telepathy and the one she mastered is the Energy Manipulation. When Hydra fell, she became a member of "Avengers" and sided with Captain America during the Civil War. There she meet Vision and began their romantic relationships but in didn't last long until they know that they became a target of Thanos in pursue of the Mind Stone.

Scarlet Witch as an Energy Manipulator adds Hex Marks to all enemies she hits with any of his abilities. Hex Marks that lasts for 8 seconds and when the Hex Marks on the enemy reaches to 3 marks it will immediately deals Energy Damage to them. She manipulate reality in a specified location and knock back enemies that hit by her abilities and stunned for a second. When Scarlet Witch casts her Chaotic Force Field in the area it automatically casts again in the same location when hit an enemy and will continue up to 3 times and dealt Energy Damage to any enemy inside of it. Vast Energy Damage deals to enemies when she unleashes her Chaotic Power in wide range, pushing all enemies in the center and stunned them for a second.

Movie: Avengers, Spiderman, Captain America
Identity: Wanda Maximoff

Hex Mark
Passive: Scralet Witch adds one Hex Mark to any enemy hero, every time she hits with any of her abilities, Hex marks lasts 8 seconds. Energy Damage will be immediately dealt to anyone tagged with 3 Hex Marks.

Ability 1: Enchanted Force Field
Scarlet Witch creates a chaotic force field in the specified location, dealing Energy Damage to enemies in range. If the force field deals damage to enemies, another chaotic force field will be created in the same location. Each uses of this ability can create up to 3 force fields.

Ability 2: Reality Wrap
Scarlet Witch splits the seams of reality in the specified direction, knocking back enemies in range, dealing Energy Damage to them and stunning for few a second.

Ultimate: Chaos Magic
Scarlet Witch unleashes Chaotic Power, pushing enemies in the specified area towards the center of the area of ability casts, dealing vast Energy Damage to them and at the same time stunning them for a second.

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