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Latest updates on Marvel Super War

Hero Adjustments and Updates

5th January 2020

Thor profile update

1. Thor
Increased Thor attacked damage in the late game as well as improved his team fight performance.

Hero Trait [God of Thunder]
The additional energy damage of Lightning Strike based on target's HP has increased from 0.3%*hero level to 0.4%*hero level. The additiona HP restoration based on missing HP increased from 0.25%*hero t0 0.3*hero level.

Skill Two [Winds of Valhalla]
Skill cooldown has decreased from 12/11.5/11/10.5/10/9.5/9 to 11/10.5/10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds.
Charge distance has increased from 650 to 750.

Ultimate Skill [Thunderclap]
While channeling, power, physical defence and energy resistance have increased from 35%/50%/65%/80% to 40%/60%/80%/100%.


2. War Machine
War Machine feels a bit weak while not casting Precision Guidance. By shortening the cooldown of his ultimate skill and slightly strenghthening his other damaging abilities, War Machine now performs even better on the battlefield.

Skill One [Rocket Shell]
The bonus damage has increased from 1/1.05/1.1/1.5/1.2*Physical attack to 1.2/1.25/1.3/1.35/1.4*Physical attack.
The bonus damage of Fire Bomb has increased from 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7*Physical damage to 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8*Physical damage.

Skill Two [Fire Bomb]
Skill cooldown has decreased from 50/47.5/45 seconds to 40/37.5/35 seconds.


3. Black Widow
In contrast with other assassin heroes, Black Widow feels a bit weak in early stage. Also, Widow's Sting, her second skill, has a low hit chance, resulting in her poor performace. We increased Black Widow overall attack damage and enlarged the range of skill two to give her better performace.

Skill one [Shadow Kick]
Physical damage of each kick has increased from 25/45/65/85/105+0.5/0.525/0.6*physical attack to 30/60/90/120/150+0.6*physical attack.

Skill Two [Widow's Sting]
The range of the electric shock has increased from 500 to 650. The dash distance has increased from 500 to 600.

Ultimate Skill [Final tempest]
Physical damage of each shot has increased from 60/90/120+0.4*bonus physical attack to 70/105/140+0.44*bonus physical attack. HP restoration has increased from 20/30/40 to 30/40/50.


4. Captain America
Captain AMerica can deal relatively high damage and is quite sustainable on the battlefield. To help balance this, attack damage and HP restoration were decreased.

Hero Trait [Star of Freedom]
After Captain America recovers his shield, the damage of the shield absorbs has decreased from 100/160/220/280 to 80/120/160/200, and the bonus max HP gained has decreased from 8%/10%/12%/14% to 6%/7%/8%/9%.

Skill Two [Liberty Rush]
The physical damage dealt by each punch has decreased from 30/65/100/135/170/205/240+0.7*physical damage to 10/40/70/100/130/160/190+0.6*physical damage. HP restoration on hit has decreased from 0.25*bonus physical damage to 0.15*bonus physical damage.


5. Spider-Man
Due to high felexibility, Spider-Man can evade many attacks that have no specific direction in small-scale fights. Decided to slightly nerf this damage evasion Hang status. Also, nerfed Web Mark's slowing effect to leave more space for players to react.

Skill One [Web Shot]
Web Mark's slowing effect has decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second. Also, now Spider-Man can be targeted while casting [Web Shot] in Hang status.

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