War Machine

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War Machine

War Machine

Rhodey is an officer of United States Airforce who became a pilot and a chief engineer of Tony Starks company. He fight along side with Iron Man and he became a pilot of armored iron suit. War Machine continued to served his country and assist Avengers in their wars. Until they discovered that Thanos had destroyed the Infinity Stone. When Avengers learned to travel through time through Ant-Man, they assemble the team for a mission. War Machine joined his fellow heroes in battling Thanos until Tony Stark sacrificed his life to finally eliminate Thanos, as Rhodes stayed by his best friend's side during his final moments before attending his funeral.

War Machine every time he dealt damage to enemy heroes with his minor abilities, his Attack Damage and Attack Range increases. This is because of the Battle Cry that enhances his basic attack and this stacks up to 3 times every succesfull hit to enemy hero. When War Machine casts his ability Firebomb to specified location it deals Energy Damage to enemies, not Pysical Damage. When War Machine change his battle mode to Precision Guidance mode, his movement speed becomes very slow by he fires missiles continuously and damage all enemies in its range until he cancels this ability or when it is due.

Movie:Avengers, Iron Man
Identity: Colonel James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes

Tactical Strategy
Passive: When War Machine's minor abilities deal damage to enemy heroes, he stacks Battle Cry up to three times. Battle Cry enhances War Machine's next basic attack, increasing damage and attack range extension. Each basic attack consumes one layer of Battle Cry.

Ability 1: Rocket Shell
War Machine fires rocket in the specified direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in its path. Enemy heroes within the flames of Fire Bomb are dealt extra Physical Damage.

Ability 2: Fire Bomb
War Machine fires a Fire Bomb to the specified location, creating a sea of flames that lasts 3.0 seconds, dealing Energy Damage every second to enemies withinn the flames and slowing them down.

Ability 3: Gunfire
War Machine fires Gunfire in the specified direction, dealing bonus Physical Damage and knocking back enemy heroes hit. At the same time, the recoil will move him some distance backwards. Using this ability in Precision Guidance mode will return you to regular battle mode.

Ultimate: Precision Guidance
War Machine sets up a missile launcher and enters Precision Guidance Mode. Using this ability will allow him to aim and continuously shoot missiles at the specified location. Each missiles deals Physical Damage to enemies within the explosion range. Releasing the ability button will pause the attack, and tapping the Cancel button on the screen will return to regular battle mode.

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