How to transfer XPAY to another XPAY account

How to transfer XPAY to another XPAY account

Step 1. Dashboard

If you wish to transfer money to another XPAY account or to your own XPAY account, you will see the option in your Dashboard. In your XPAY Dashboard you will see the option "Send Money". Click it.

Step 2. Choose to Contacts

Choose the sender in your contact list and fill-out the amount of money to transfer. If it happens that the receiver is already in your contact list, proceed to Step 4. If the receiver is not in your contact list yet, just simply click "ADD" and follow the Next Step

Step 3. Add Contact(s)

Adding another XPAY account in your contact is easy. Just type in the email address of the verified XPAY account and click "ADD"and you are good to go.

Step 4. Click "Send"

Congratulations! Transfer is successful.


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