Transfer from Xpay to other Bank account

Transfer funds from XPAY to Gcash, and to any other Banks

Steps to withdraw funds from your XPAY account is straightforward. Consider that the XPAY is just another Bank of yours to hold your money. But since XPAY has no physical ATM Machine, we just need to transfer our funds into a Bank that have a physical ATM machine, or we can transfer our funds to our Gcash, Coins.PH or withdraw it from remittances. No XPAY account yet? Register here, it's Free!

Follow steps below on how to transfer funds or withdraw from your XPAY account.

Step 1. Dashboard

In your "Dashboard" you have total of 6 options in the main menu. As we are transferring funds from our Xpay account to any other Bank account. Click "Withdraw".


Step 2. To Bank Account

Choose "To Bank account" option, as seen in the image below.


Step 3. InstaPay

Choose "InstaPay". For now, just do InstaPay, we will discuss "PesoNET" in the next tutorial.


Step 4. Complete the form

Complete all the fields and always double check the input information before you click "Withdraw".

  • G-Xchange, Inc. - for Gcash transfer
  • DCPay Philippines Inc. - for Coins.PH

Step 5. Confirming all details

Confirm all details that input are all correct. Once done, click "Confirm".


A message will prompt that your request for transfer is being processed.


Step 6. Email verification

After the message that prompt from the previous step. You should receive an email from XPAY, confirming that your request for transfer is successful with a reference number on it.

Congratulations!!! Transfer of funds succesful.
If you have any questions, just comment below.

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